Hagan's mom admits to saying untrue things during trial

Hagan's mom admits to saying untrue things during trial
Isaiah Hagan (Source: Warrick Co. Sheriff Office)
Halee Rathgeber
Halee Rathgeber

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - Donna Hagan, the mother of accused murderer Isaiah Hagan, admitted Monday morning to saying "things that aren't true" during Isaiah's trial.

Donna was the first to take the stand for testimony Monday. During her testimony Friday, she said Isaiah told her he accidentally shot Halee Rathgeber and disposed of the weapon in a dumpster.

She told the prosecution Monday morning she never told anyone else that besides her husband. Her husband testified to knowing that.

The defense asked Donna if she would acknowledge that some of the things she said weren't true and she said, "I do." She also said she, "kept some information to herself."

The defense and state both addressed when detectives searched Donna's home, specifically for guns. Donna told the court she and Isaiah's father, Wandel, moved at one point but to her knowledge, she said Isaiah didn't know where the guns were located.

When the defense asked Donna again if she had any reason to believe Isaiah took a gun from her home to kill Halee, she said no.

Wandel took the stand after Donna. He mentioned when detectives came to search their home, he noticed one of his guns was missing. He told the court, "my first thought was never Isaiah."

Wandel said other people had been in and out of their home around that time.

When asked by the state about Isaiah's finances around the time Halee's body was found, Wandel told the court Isaiah owed him about $60-$70 and was planning to meet with someone who was going to give him a check. Wandel said he didn't know who that was, but he never received the money.

He testified on the day Halee died, he received a text message from Donna saying they found her body. Wandel said he went home to address it right away.

The day ended with a witness the state brought in, a conservation officer who said he and his K9 searched for a shell casing at Alcoa Soccer fields, where Halee's body was found. The officer said he didn't find anything.

Isaiah is charged with Rathgeber's murder. Her body was found in a soccer field in April 2017.

This is the second trial for Hagan. There was a mistrial in May.

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