Defense requests early end to the day after suspect's mother takes stand

Halee Rathgeber
Halee Rathgeber

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Day five of testimony in the Isaiah Hagan murder trial has concluded.

There were longer delays other days this week. Friday's delay was so the defense and state could speak with the judge.

FBI Agent Kevin Horan took the stand. He says he analyzed cell phones of Hagan, victim Halee Rathgeber, as well as Jacob Allen.

Horan gave an outline of how both Hagan and Rathgeber's phones traveled together the night she was killed.

Horan was able to determine that hours before Halee's body was found, her phone and Isaiah's were together at Halee's apartment on the west side of Evansville.

Horan says both phones then traveled east to the Alcoa Soccer Field where Halee's was found.

Then, only Isaiah's phone traveled west into Evansville.

But later, Halee's phone was back on the grid heading toward Evansville, too.

Horan says at that point, he believed someone else was involved.

The defense pointed out the phones of several other people brought up in the investigation were not analyzed.

After a recess, Hagan's mother, Donna Hagan, took the stand. She said Hagan told her he accidentally shot Halee. She says she never told that to police.

After returning from lunch break the defense requested recess until Monday. According to the defense, the testimony given by Hagan's mom earlier in the day, contradicts statements she previously made.

The Defense said it needs to prepare for an "extensive cross-examination" of Donna Hagan.

The trial will continue with Donna expected back on the stand on Monday morning.

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