Honor Flight Bluegrass WWII Veterans return home

Honor Flight Bluegrass WWII Veterans return home
Many of the veterans in their 90s truly cherished going on the trip (WFIE)

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Tears fell as eight World War II Veterans returned home after their two day Honor Flight.

"I've cried like a baby the whole time we've been gone," Lela Hale, a guardian on the trip, said."

Many of the veterans in their 90s truly cherished going on the trip.

"We were treated like royalty," Tommy Wieder, a WWII veteran on the trip, said.

The days were filled with visiting memorials, and as a WWII veterans only group, some were much more emotional than others.

"Seeing the memorials was really thrilling," Wieder said.

"The World War II was actually more emotional this time because of you know, who they are," Hale said.

For Hale, this was her third trip as a guardian. She says her relationship with her veterans is always special.

"Me and [my veteran] have formed a friendship now that we're not going to let go," she said. "I'll be checking in with him every now and then just to make sure he's okay because he's got a special place in my heart now."

Hale says being a guardian on Honor Flight trips is the least she can do for these veterans.

"I just love these guys so much," she said. "I mean, they gave so much. They have given up, and they have sacrificed so we can stand here and do this today. And it just touches my heart."

As the veterans left to a crowd in D.C. and returned home to familiar faces here in Owensboro, Wieder says he couldn't believe how many people came out to say thank you; especially the kids.

"I was very impressed with the young children," he said. "Coming up and thanking us."

The next Honor Flight Bluegrass is scheduled for September and will include World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans.

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