Day three of testimony wraps up in Hagan murder trial

Day three of testimony wraps up in Hagan murder trial
Isaiah Hagan (Source: Warrick Co. Sheriff Office)
Halee Rathgeber (WFIE)
Halee Rathgeber (WFIE)

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - It was another late start Wednesday for testimony in the Isaiah Hagan murder trial in Warrick County.

It was around 10:20 a.m. when things got started. The judge says there were some scheduling issues that needed addressed.

Four witnesses took the stand on Wednesday.

The first witness of the day was a Texas Roadhouse employee who says he knew both Hagan and the young woman he's accused of killing, Halee Rathgeber.

The witness testified he and Hagan were together from about 11 p.m. on April 23, 2017 to 4:30 a.m. on April 24, 2017. Rathgeber's body was discovered around 6:45 that morning.

The witness says police questioned him during the investigation and asked if he thought Hagan killed Halee. His response on Wednesday was "I don't believe so."

Also on the stand, a detective with the Warrick County Sheriff's Office who testified he searched for evidence at the Alcoa soccer fields where Rathgeber's body was found. He says he didn't find anything.

The witness also talked about surveillance video he gathered, from near the apartment complex Rathgeber was living, that showed Hagan and Rathgeber together at one point on April 23, 2017. That video was shown in court on Wednesday.

This is the same detective who says he retrieved Rathgeber's wallet from an earlier witness testified to finding while mowing grass in a Newburgh subdivision. The detective told the court he never tested the wallet for DNA.

The third witness says he was considering buying a festival ticket from Rathgeber. The witness says he and Rathgeber had been messaging on Twitter. The witness says when he got a text from Hagan about those tickets he thought it was "unusual" because he'd seen posts on social media from people asking if they'd seen Rathgeber. He testified he never got that ticket.

The final witness on Wednesday says he used to be roommates with Hagan and one other person. The witness says Hagan owed him money toward a bill about a month before Rathgeber's body was discovered. The state says the money could've been a motive in this case.

The defense asks, did you use the money Hagan gave you to pay the bill. The witness couldn't remember.

The trial will resume around 8:15 Thursday morning. Stick with 14 News for any updates.

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