Madisonville Community College unveils multi-million dollar postsecondary education building

The President of Madisonville Community College says it all started with $5-million being raised, not only in Madisonville and Hopkins County but across their entire service region.

A result of the community's commitment, the $20-million regional Steve Beshear Center for Post secondary Education is now open.

President Cindy Kelley says it was designed with students in mind and that the new building, plus quad area, complete the campus.

To them, it represents the ability to offer more types of degrees, continuing a more than a two-decade partnership with Murray State University.

Students can further their education with '2+2' type programs and even continue on to the master's level.

Beshear was in town Monday for the grand opening.

"One of the statements he made that stuck with me yesterday is that he believes that he wanted to do the right thing, to make sure these opportunities were available for students in west Kentucky," Madisonville Community College President Cindy Kelley recalled.

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