Active shooter training open to public

Active shooter training open to public
The Evansville Police Department and the ALICE Training Institute teamed up to bring a 2-day active shooter training course to Evansville (WFIE).

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Active shooter training just wrapped up in Evansville. The Police Department and the ALICE Training Institute teamed up to teach how to plan for the unthinkable.

Now more than ever, instructors say these kinds of active shooter training programs are so important in our country. The focus is on empowering people to deter an active shooter.

That is because the long-standing idea to wait on lock down until law enforcement help arrives wastes crucial life saving minutes. You will not know where the closest officer is.

It could be four, or it could be 15 minutes until police respond. So it is now up to you to act should you find yourself in a threat.

Trainings are designed to decrease the amount of time it takes to process and react instead of second guessing what to do.

"We all knew what to do for a fire drill, but when something like this happened out of the ordinary, you have that pause of like and you want that confirmation of did you hear that too and we want people to be empowered to know that if it's out of the ordinary you might want to get away from it a little bit and then reassess it," says Nick Sandullo with EPD.

There were people there from schools and businesses, but the majority of participants were with EPD. Not only are they learning skills that they can use when responding to an active shooter situation, but they also take those skills and teach their own programs to anyone in the community who asks.

"What we want is the civilian people that are in these workplaces, schools, churches to know and be empowered with what they can do," explained Sandullo. "A lot of times they think worst case scenario. I don't have very many options. Well, after attending a class like this, or after we talk to them they realize they have more on their side than they think they do."

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