More evidence being released from Roach trial

More evidence being released from Roach trial

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We now have new access To some of the evidence from the Terrence Roach trial. These are the same phone calls jurors heard before they went on to find him not guilty of killing Aleah Beckerle.

For the first time, we are seeing the video of Detective Melton's second interview with Roach. This interview is the one everyone watched in the courtroom along with the jury.

It is important because in it, you hear Roach confess to killing Aleah. He explains how he did it, why he did it, and what he did after.

He tells Detective Melton he did not tell anyone, which is part of the reason why it took nine months to find Aleah's body in the South Bedford house.

During those nine months, countless conspiracies floated around as to who was responsible. Even after Roach's arrest, Melton says he wondered if someone else might be involved.

After the second interview, Melton says he was convinced Roach acted alone. Melton says Roach gave a full confession.

"When we get a confession, you know, detectives don't just get the confession and stop right there. We spend hours clarifying, and we go over it again and again and again because you look for small changes. You look for details, you know? That never happened during the entire time with us once he felt compelled to tell the truth," says Det. Melton.

"I want to go, I want to get out. I don't want to go to prison," says Roach to his mom over the phone.

One of the pieces of evidence we are hearing today is a phone call between Roach and his mom while he was in jail. In the call, Roach's mom says it just does not make sense that he could do all of the things he said he did to Aleah.

Roach responds, saying even he does not know what he did because he was so high on K2. He says the idea popped in his head while he was high to get back at Aleah's mom.

He believed she had set up his dad to be arrested. Roach's mom suggests he is going to have to say drugs altered his state of mind.

"You're probably going to have to claim insanity or something. I don't know. You were on K2. You weren't in your right state of mind," says Roach's mom Dawn Eastwood.

Roach responds, "Yeah I know."

"And you didn't mean for her to die. That's what you said and you mean that," says Eastwood.

"The detectives know I didn't mean to do it," says Roach.

Eastwood says, "You killed her?"

Roach says, "No, I didn't plan on it. She died on her own."

In 22 years, Det. Melton says he has never had a murder case with this much evidence. They had multiple confessions, DNA, scene recreation, and a motive.

A good chunk of that evidence came out in this interview days after Roach was arrested and two phone calls with his mom. In one call, he tearfully admits to killing Aleah.

"He confesses to his mother. No details, nothing changed," says Det. Melton.

Detective Melton is still confident Roach is solely responsible.

"He told us repeatedly that he acted alone," says Det. Melton.

"He told us how he took her through the window," says Det. Melton.

That window a key point of contention with the defense.

In the interview, Roach tells Det. Melton, "I didn't go in there."

Melton says, "You didn't go in? What do you mean you didn't go in?"

Roach responds, "I took her out."

Det. Melton says, "You just reached through the window?"

"He told us that he struggled with her because she was heavy and that he had to lay her down in the back yard. He told us that he used his truck. Took her down to Bedford. That he put duct tape on and around her mouth and said she suffocated," says Det. Melton.

Roach tells his mom the same story.

Roach tells his mom, "She died from suffocating."

Eastwood says, "How?"

Roach says, "Because I was smoking in the house. I covered up her mouth with tape so she couldn't nobody could hear her."

Roach tells his mom he was so high on K2 that night he does not even know what he did.

"It didn't go the way I planned it," says Roach.

After going over the specific details of Roach's confessions, both in the interview and phone calls with his mom, Detective Melton calls it "truly bizarre" the jury found Roach guilty of criminal confinement and abuse of a corpse, yet not guilty of murder.

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