ROACH TRIAL: Jail call between Roach, mother released

ROACH TRIAL: Jail call between Roach, mother released

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - More evidence from the Aleah Beckerle murder investigation is now being released.

On Friday, some video and audio evidence was just released. One of the pieces of evidence, a phone call between Terrence Roach and his mom, Dawn Eastwood, while he was in jail.

In the call, Eastwood says it just doesn't make sense that he could do all of the things he said he did to Aleah. Roach responds, saying even he doesn't know what he did because he was so high on K2.

He says the idea popped in his head while he was high to get back at Aleah's mom. He believed she had set up his dad to be arrested.

Eastwood suggests he's going to have to say drugs altered his state of mind.

The portion of this second interview we received and the jury heard is an hour and a half long.

14 News spoke with Detective Melton specifically about that interview.

Melton says it convinced him no one else was involved.

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