Owensboro Authorities Get Tip In 20-Year-old Investigation

Web Producer: Jason Bailey
Authorities are still digging for answers in the disappearance of Shannon Green.
Acting on a tip, Owensboro Police began digging Friday in a rural county farm field after hiring a Colorado group called Necro a few weeks ago that located several possible burial sites with radar equipment.
Shannon's family is patiently waiting to see if they find her remains.
Shannon's been missing for 20-years and her family just wants closure.
Melnita Moore, Shannon's aunt says, "If they find her, I want to know it right away. Of course, we realize that we, you know, if they do find anything there will be some time that has to go by before we can have her, and put her by her mother, but i want to know as soon as we can."
Owensboro investigators tell Newswatch they'll keep searching until this case is closed.