Great experiences for OHS girls lacrosse as program begins

Great experiences for OHS girls lacrosse as program begins
(Source: Owensboro Red Devils Digital Scout)

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Earlier this month, Owensboro High School announced the school was implementing a girls lacrosse program thanks to a $3,000 grant from US Lacrosse.

The program is only the 33rd in Kentucky and the only girls lacrosse team west of Bowling Green. So far, the squad has traveled to Evansville twice for scrimmages against Boonville and Castle, both exhibitions resulting in losses for the Lady Devils.

But came away with great experience on the field and friendships between the players that may not have came about if it weren't for lacrosse and the opportunity to be apart of a team.

"They try to make you laugh when you feel like you can't, it's really fun, we all like, on the bus rides back, even though we lost, we were still really happy and playing music and stuff and having the best time," explained OHS junior Ashley Watson.

Although the team's first season is officially over, practices are still happening at the high school with hopes to nail down the fundamentals before next season begins.

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