'This was a mauling': Dog attack sends 1 person to hospital

'This was a mauling': Dog attack sends 1 person to hospital

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - A dog attack last weekend sent one woman to the hospital and has the community looking for a change to the city ordinance.

Alexis Strickland says she was walking home from her mother's house with her puppy when she passed a yard containing several dogs. Then it happened.

"As soon as I went to turn it around, it latched onto the back of my leg," said Strickland.

Friends and neighbors say the dog pulled its chain free and left its yard. Police responded to a call for a dog bite, but Princeton Police Chief Derek McGraw said that the situation was worse than that.

"What I'm going to call way worse than a dog bite. This was a mauling. A dog attack. This wasn't a pretty scenario, this wasn't just one bite," said McGraw.

Strickland was taken to Deaconess Midtown where doctors performed surgery to close up her wounds.

"She has multiple stitches, a couple drain tubes," said Jamie Dillon, the mother of Strickland. "She got to come home the next day."

Now that Strickland is home, she and other members of the community are petitioning for a change to make sure this never happens again by signing a petition to create a distinction in the city ordinance between a dog bite and a dog attack.

"I mean if the dog would have just bit her and drew blood then so be it. It was a bite, but this dog mauled her leg," said Dillon.

The dog is currently being quarantined at the owner's home for the next 10 days. This means that it's not allowed to leave the house without being secured on the leash and having at least one owner present.

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