Difference between climate, weather and how it affects the Tri-State

Difference between climate, weather and how it affects the Tri-State

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - You may have seen on your Facebook feed that April marked the Earth's 400th consecutive month of warmer than normal temperatures. But some of our local temperatures have been colder than normal.

It can be confusing talking about how the world temperature is up when we had such a cold spring

One important thing to understand is the difference between climate and weather. Basically, the climate is what you expect at any given location at that time of year. Weather is what you get.

Here in the Tri-State, our weather can change dramatically, and recently it has differed from the climate normals quite a bit.

February was unusually warm, but the rest of the year has been cooler than normal. Last month was the second coldest April on record.

That ranked as the 15th coldest April nationwide, but while the U.S. was cooler than normal, the rest of the world was downright balmy.

The Earth's monthly temperature has been warmer than average every month since January 1985, and this has been the fifth warmest year so far worldwide.

In fact, while it was so cold in the U.S. last month, it was the warmest April on record in both Europe and South America.

So even though we have seen some pretty chilly weather here in the Tri-State, the earth as a whole is warming up and has been for more than three decades.

The more the global climate changes, the more extreme and harder to predict our weather becomes.

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