2 mothers spend Mother's Day preparing to open new businesses

2 mothers spend Mother's Day preparing to open new businesses

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - While other mothers around the world were being pampered and taking it easy, two local women spent Mother's Day working to better their families.

Two local women traded in their obligatory Mother's Day breakfast in bed for a broom and a mop. Not to clean the house, but to clean the stores they hope to open in the coming weeks.

"It really didn't dawn on me that it's Mothers Day today because we were in here working," said Kendra Weinzaphel, the owner of Westside Washtub. It's a spa set to open its doors Monday.

"We've cleaned, we've dusted. We've mopped, we've vacuumed, just to get it up and get it ready," said Jodie Drone, a stylist at the soon to open JS & Co. salon off of North Sonntag Ave.

Drone and Weinzaphel have a few things in common. For one, they are each single moms opening businesses. For two, the two businesses are just a stone's throw away from the other. Finally, each of them is balancing more than one plate during this process.

"I've had two proms in back-to-back weekends I've had honors day, graduation next weekend and we have a graduation party scheduled, so I've had a lot of running here and there plus trying to work at the old salon and not lose those customers," said Drone.

For Weinzaphel, having a young daughter has made the process more challenging and at the same time more rewarding.

"It's been very hard at times to where I wanted to throw in the towel. I've asked myself at times, "Is this really all worth it?" especially when I come home to her and it's been hard on her but then, you know, I stop and think I've got to do it for her."

Westside Washtub plans to have it's opening Monday just off of Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.

JS & Co. located next to Wesselman's off North Sonntag Avenue plans to open it's doors early this week.

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