Henderson residents, officials ask coyote experts for solution

Henderson residents, officials ask coyote experts for solution
Coyote trapping at the forefront of concern for some Henderson neighbors.

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Coyote concerns are still happening in Henderson County.

Last year, a volunteer with Wildlife Animal Control trapped about 15 coyotes after three pet dogs were killed in the neighborhood. Yet, neighbors say the problem continues.

The coyote population concern is on Henderson city officials radar, and Thursday afternoon, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts made the trip from Frankfort to educate residents on the issue.

A few dozen people there learned new tips in keeping the animals away, but some demanded more action from officials than just a Q&A seminar.

Neighbors claim the coyotes are getting more and more resilient.

"She looked up and there were four of them," said resident Brett Barnett. "They were posturing aggressively. She said they had their fur up on their back and they weren't running away!"

"We stared at him (coyote) for at least 10 minutes," said another neighbor. "I didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether to stand up or run."

Kentucky Fish & Wildlife experts seem to think the coyotes have become accustomed to neighbors leaving pet food outside, saying even bird and hummingbird feeders, even if located at one residence, can wreak havoc on the entire subdivision.

"Oh! We all have bird feeders," said another neighbor. "I'm taking mine down now."

The most pressing question people had for the experts: is trapping the solution? And who should pay for it?

"You would need to trap coyotes very, very intensively. Every single year, forever, in order for any sort of reduction to occur," said KYFW Biologist Laura Palmer.

"I live in the neighborhood," Henderson City Commissioner Brad Staton told us. "We have to remain vigilant. I really learned a lot from (Laura) tonight on what to do when coyotes are around. But, as far as how we're going to address it as a city, we don't know yet. We need to meet as a city commission, as well as county officials need to meet. We need to cooperate and move forward together. But, the answer is still yet to be determined," Staton said.

It's a decision we'll be following closely and will keep you updated.

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