14 News Exclusive: Owensboro mom set to sing on national stage Thursday

14 News Exclusive: Owensboro mom set to sing on national stage Thursday

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Last year, we told you about Owensboro's Cathy Mullins, a mother who lost her son fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Mullins beat out over 1,000 people to be one of the top four finalists as the official National Anthem singer for the Nashville Predators this season.

Now, she's getting ready to sing the Canadian National Anthem for Game 7 of the second series of the Predators vs. Winnipeg Jets on national television.

"It was this week, seven years ago, that his unit landed on the ground at Kandahar, Afghanistan," said Mullins.

She tells us her son was a fun-loving, hockey team captain, who loved the Preds. The really surreal part for Mullins: it was exactly seven years ago in May that Brandon's unit from Alaska, the 1/25 Infantry, replaced the Canadian unit on the front line in Afghanistan.

It's not the first uncanny connection Mullins has felt with her late son.

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We first told you in the fall, She tried out for the Predators' Anthem Contest on the anniversary of Brandon's causality date.

"Coincidence? I don't think so. It's just too perfect," Mullins smiled. "Hockey is where Brandon grew up," she showed us around Edge Ice Arena in Owensboro, pointing to several pieces of memorabilia hanging on the walls, honoring her son.

There's even a scholarship in his honor for hockey student-athletes that exude strong leadership qualities.

"In the grand scheme of things, looking back 100 years from now, Brandon will be remembered for his sacrifice. Tommy and I will come and go, his parents, but Brandon will be remembered."

Be sure to catch Cathy Mullins singing the anthem this Thursday at 7 PM on NBC Sports Network.

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