Bridge closure has residents frustrated

Bridge closure has residents frustrated

PERRY CO., IN (WFIE) - A bridge closure in Perry County has residents frustrated with a lack of action.

The bridge, located just south of Birdseye on state road 145, has been closed for two months after officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation declared the bridge unsafe. The reason behind the closure is erosion taking place underneath the bridge.

State Road 145 is the only direct route from Birdseye to I-64.

Residents say that the inconvenience is one thing, but not knowing why repairs have yet to start or when the bridge will be repaired is the most frustrating thing.

They just keep saying call back," said Deb Ernst, a local business owner in Birdseye. "How many times can you call back?"

Communications Director for INDOT Southwest, Jason Tiller, said that he knows the closure is an inconvenience for the residents, but right now there is nothing they can do.

"We do have a plan in place and we are ready to deploy that as soon as we can get a couple of items buttoned up," said Tiller. "We're working on it every day, and as soon as we get those taken care of we're able to start in short order because we do have everything in place to begin."

But to Ernst and others, the lack of action is creating a dangerous situation for everyone in the area.

"It's just not here. It affects everybody in the community," said Ernst. "It affects the farmers, it affects the first responders, the fire department. If somebody's house is on fire on the other end of that closure, you know their house is going to be gone before the fire department can even get there."

Until the bridge is repaired, motorists are being detoured up IN 37 until it meets up with IN 145 just north of Eckerty.

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