No 'Make America Great Again' at voting sites on primary day

No 'Make America Great Again' at voting sites on primary day

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The process was smooth on Tuesday for the primaries in Vanderburgh County, for both voters and the election commission.

Voters were getting in and out of the centers quickly.

The election commission said they had a few technical issues Tuesday morning but they were quickly able to resolve the issues.

Voter turnout for early voting was low according to the County Clerk Carla Hayden.

A lot of voters said these primary elections are where they feel they can truly make a difference with their vote.

Something that may have caught voters off guard was what they wore on their shirt could prevent them from voting. Hayden said if anyone wore shirts that sported the "Make America Great Again" logo that they would have to turn them inside out or cover it up.

"Do we let them have it do we not let them have it? And the first thought of everybody is that's Donald Trump and Donald Trump and Donald Trump isn't on the Ballot," Hayden explained. "But then we found out that one of the candidates that is on the ballot, Todd Rokita Was also using it in his campaign so the decision was made that that would also fall under the same category. So anybody that wears the hat or the t shirt we will just treat it like any thing else and ask them to remove the hat or turn the t-shirt inside out. "

Indiana law prohibits campaigning within 50 feet of a polling place and includes restrictions on who may enter polling places. Voters may not wear clothing advocating the election of any candidate.

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