Facebook feud over Owensboro dog park

Facebook feud over Owensboro dog park
Dog Park: Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - People have been pushing for a dog park in Owensboro for years, but a Facebook fight could jeopardize it all.

Monday, the Castlen Dog Park Facebook page posted this:

It was originally with Mayor Tom Watson's personal cell phone number.

When Mayor Watson got a phone call at his job at his prosthetic lab, he was angry. He posted this comment:

Which warranted dozens of comments back.

"It upset him and I think that he may have lashed out at them and then people were going back and forth but that's not going to get our dog park," Steve Castlen sponsor and supporter of the Castlen Dog Park said. "It's not going to accomplish anything."

Castlen says he understands why the mayor was upset and that sometimes social media can make a negative impact.

"I think last night was not a good start because that would aggravate me as well if I were the mayor," Castlen said. "Unless you see their expressions and feel what they're feeling, it doesn't do any good. And becomes, sometimes, a negative."

Castlen says they always encourage supporters to call the mayor's office and the commissioners. But this went a little too far. And he worries this tiff could be detrimental to getting a dog park in Owensboro.

"Anytime there's bickering you're hindering because you're building a wall and you're not going to get anything done," Castlen said.

But Castlen said he and Mayor Watson did hash it out this morning.

"I texted the mayor and apologized for the inconvenience it brought and he was very gracious and he understood and I think we're going forth," Castlen said.

We did reach out to Mayor Watson and he declined an interview. But he did say he was mostly upset because the calls coming in were disturbing him at work.

Now the commission is working to see if they want to help fund the dog park- the only funding they need is in maintenance which would cost about $6000 per year. The commission will decide if that can fit in the upcoming year's budget which will be presented on May 22.

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