GFI Research Center, More on Research Studies

A phase one, or early investigational study of a drug, is conducted with healthy people, to track how the body metabolizes and eliminates the medicine. This phase of testing is limited to one or just a few sites worldwide and may involve from 20 to 100 subjects. GFI Research Center is the only phase one site in the Tri-State.

Phase two, three and four studies may measure the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of a single drug or new combinations of drugs for treating diseases. Some studies may provide an experimental drug to people affected by an illness or condition. GFI may be one several sites worldwide testing drugs in these developmental stages.

Many types of medication are researched, from simple aspirin-type medicines to new breakthroughs in serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Volunteers are the critical link.

GFI relies on volunteers to carry out the clinical investigations. GFI physicians and medical staff carefully monitor each study. Representatives from the pharmaceutical companies routinely visit the research facility in Evansville to review records and verify that GFI procedures follow the study protocol.

Volunteers who stay in-house enjoy the comfort of semi-private rooms, each with a television and VCR. All food is provided. Recreational facilities include a pool table, Ping-Pong table, and exercise equipment and reading library. Quiet spaces are available for working on research papers and reading assignments.

All patients who qualify for a study are fully informed of the nature, risks and benefits of the research and how they will participate in the research. A volunteer may quit a study at any time.

Volunteers receive free, study-related medical exams and medicine, as well as compensation for time and travel.

What is the Two Step Program?

Volunteering to help to further medical science and improving medical care for future generations - that's the First Step.

The Second Step is contributing all or part of the research subject stipend that you receive from GFI to your favorite charitable, religious or fraternal organization.

In addition, donations made to bona fide non-profit organizations may be tax-deductible.