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Baby Formula Shipped To Gulf

Reporter: Kennan Oliphant

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Ameriqual Foods, who makes 'Meals Ready to Eat,' or MREs, is hiring from 300 to 400 temporary employees, to meet the increased demand for food in the hurricane disaster zone. And a large donation of baby formula is already on its way, courtesy of the local Bristol Myers plant.

Relief on its way - in a moments notice, as Bristol Myers sends three planeloads of its Enfamil baby formula to the hurricane-stricken Gulf. Susan Wedeking of Mead Johnson's says, "We very quickly mobilized all our folks, to get the product ready to go, identify what we're going to need, what we're able to ship. It's a great feeling to know that so many people are working hard, to help those folks that are undergoing such devastation." Wedeking tells us, four truckloads of baby formula are being sent to the hurricane zone as well.

A call from the US Department of Agriculture got the ball rolling, and Bristol Myers answered that call by preparing more than 40,000 pounds of Enfamil - that's over 150,000 bottles for children in need. Wedeking says, "When you see those kinds of images, it breaks your heart, and it's frustrating that relief hasn't gotten to them."

Crate-by-crate, Evansville Airport employees like Mike Williams, carefully unloaded the formula and loaded it onto the waiting jets. Rushing the precious cargo to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Montgomery, Alabama and Houston, Texas. Williams says, "I was due off at 2:30, so I volunteered more or less. I had one to do, I thought we were going to do one, it turned into more. I don't mind, it's for a good cause." Wedeking adds, "We can provide a product that not many people can provide, and that's infant formula. So for those vulnerable, little-bitty people, we're there to help them." Bristol Myers says, so far, it has shipped some 750,000 units of baby formula to the hurricane zone.

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