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A Song For Katrina

Reporter: Kennan Oliphant

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

Almost every night at the Executive Inn hotel piano bar, you'll find Louisiana native Bob Ballard singing jazz and blues from The Big Easy.

His songs are now more poignant since hurricane Katrina ripped through town leaving a trail of devastation in her wake. For Louisiana native Bob Ballard, singing the blues is a way of life.

Ballard worked on Bourbon Street for seven years in a piano bar, and now brings a piece of new Orleans with him to Evansville, Indiana.

After seeing hurricane Katrina's wrath on his beloved city, Ballard was stunned.

"Well when I first saw'em, it brought tears to my eyes, you know I cried shed a few tears over this," says Ballard.

Those tears turned to inspiration for a song he recently wrote called "Katrina's Was Her Name."

Sharing the raw human emotion of a city fighting for hope and survival.   

Ballard says, "I would love for someone with more notoriety than myself who has more broad-base appeal you know like a major artist, I would love for Garth Brooks to record it."

Ballard's family escaped the storm some of the lucky ones who had someplace to go.

"My mother is with her sister in Arkansas, my brother is in Baton Rouge with his wife's family and my sister who just walked in is here with me," says Ballard

Barbara Ballard, the musician's sister, still lives in New Orleans and still has unwavering faith the Crescent City will recover soon.

Barbara says, "We were not prepared, we were not prepared, we're making up for it now."

Barbara adds, "And I promise you those floats will roll on the streets of Canal for Mardi Gras 2006 it will happen, so y'all come see us."

When it does get back to normal, Bob says New Orleans will have that big easy feeling again.

"It's got it's own groove, everything moves at a different pace; it's like hey if you don't get it done right now, you'll get it done a little later- you know it's kinda no problem man," says Bob.

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