Potholes in Pike Co. creating rough road conditions

Potholes in Pike Co. creating rough road conditions

PIKE CO., IN (WFIE) - A series of potholes in Pike County are causing drivers some unrest.

Potholes stretch off and on from Petersburg in Pike County south along Indiana 57 all the way into Gibson Counties. According to authorities, divers have been veering around the potholes, some even traveling into the opposite lane.

According to a tweet sent out by Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Ringle, one trooper traveling along the road referred to it as a "mortar field."

This is hardly the first pothole-related story of the year. INDOT Southwest Communications Director Jason Tiller says that this year crews were sent to patch an unexpected number of potholes.

"We've had a lot more potholes than normal and the winter itself was brutal," said Tiller. "There was a lot of freeze and thaw, a lot of extra snow that we wouldn't normally have so it's definitely been a season for potholes that we did not anticipate this year."

Tiller says that the ground freeze this winter was anywhere from 18-24 inches below the surface, making for a fragile road, to begin with. Couple that with a route commonly used by coal trucks and potholes certainly aren't out of the question.

"Coal truck routes are definitely very highly traveled and also they take a beating. That's just the fact of life," said Tiller. "We do understand that and we do monitor those areas pretty well and generally we keep an eye on potholes when they are on routes that we know are generally traveled by coal trucks."

Tiller says that crews are aware of the trouble spots along Indiana 57 and will be out to patch those areas in the coming days.

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