Home for at-risk boys opens in Evansville

Home for at-risk boys opens in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A brand new home for at-risk youth opened in Evansville.

The United Methodist Youth Home gives support to kids that have grown up in difficult circumstances, and now they're doing it with a brand new home.

Nearly six months after the groundbreaking, the Holder Home for boys opened Sunday.

"It's a lifesaver, I think, for these teens to be exposed to people who really care for them," Linda Holder, a long-time employee of United Methodist Youth Home, said.

"They want more. They don't want the same lives that their parents have lived," Megan Knies, the residential therapist at the Holder Home, said. "Or they don't want the same life that everyone in their neighborhood has lived. And a lot of them are products of really poor circumstances and a lot of trauma, and that's where we step in."

The Holder Home will be a major upgrade from the current house holding more boys and having more bathrooms with nicer facilities.

"I never expected something like this," Holder said. "It's so nice for all of the boys to have their own bedrooms."

Linda Holder worked with United Methodist Youth Home for 30 years, and now the organization is giving back by naming the home after her.

"It's just such an honor for me to be acknowledged in this way by the youth home," she said. "There are a lot of deserving people out there and I just, I'm still just overwhelmed by the fact that I'm being honored in this way."

Current employees are just as touched as the kids that stay there.

"Being here has helped change me as a person, as a mother, and as a therapist," Knies said. "I show my kids more love and make sure they know they're important because of being here."

The Holder Home will open up to the teens in the next few weeks.

One employee told us when the boys saw the house for the first time, they were just ecstatic they would each have their own room because many have never had that before.

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