Kentucky teachers react to vetoes

Kentucky teachers react to vetoes
Daviess County Public Schools didn't close classes on Friday, but sent a group of 28 delegates from the district to Frankfort instead.

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Those bills would generate record funding for public education.  Thousands of teachers rallied at the capitol getting (mostly) the results they wanted.

We caught up with some local teachers from Daviess County who made the trip. They're grateful the tax hike will benefit students in their classrooms, but they're saying this is just a small victory in a bigger war.

"It's a win for our district, just because overall we can continue operating the way we've been operating," said Erin Lewis, a Sorgho Elementary teacher. "But, you know, it's not the best budget we've ever seen."

Lawmakers' votes on Friday come with a price. To generate more revenue for schools, Kentuckians will pay a 6% sales tax increase for services like home and auto. Lawmakers also tacked on a 50 cent hike in cigarette taxes.

"We kind of hate that some of the solutions as far as the taxing on other things is going to hurt a lot of people, including us," said Lewis.

Daviess County Public School officials tell us instead of canceling classes on Friday, a group of 28 delegates from the district traveled to the Capitol. Sorgho Elementary had the most teachers go. They say they're thankful the tax hike will keep resources afloat, like Youth Service Centers in their schools.

"Any time a kid comes to school without socks on, we go to our family resource center and say we need a pair of socks," explained Catie Warren, also a teacher at Sorgho. "So, it truly is something we need to run our public schools, is our Family Resource and Youth Service Centers."

Many educators have commented on social media Friday saying they also plan to rally again Saturday morning while lawmakers meet bright and early.

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