Hancock Co. schools close Friday for rally about state budget

Hancock Co. schools close Friday for rally about state budget
Teachers rally during a pension protest at the Kentucky state Capitol in Frankfort.

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Classes are canceled again for Hancock County schools as educators plan to protest in Frankfort.

"They're concerned about the future of public education and concerned about our kids. We're going to voice our concerns," Hancock County schools Superintendent Kyle Estes told us.

The number of schools out for the teacher rally in Frankfort is growing.

Governor Bevin signed the teachers' pension bill into law Tuesday, a day after vetoing the budget and tax reform bills.

After announcing his vetoes, Bevin said canceling schools for protests and the Kentucky Education Association is the problem.

Now, the teachers' union is calling for all public employees to get back to the Capitol for Friday's session.

KEA members are calling for a "day of action" Friday in fear that if lawmakers don't override the two bills for a balanced budget, public education will pay a heavy price.

"You know our teachers and educators have been heavily involved since the process throughout," explained Estes. "The revenue that supports things such as ESS (Extended School Services) and textbooks. We don't have any textbooks in this proposed budget that we have before us."

We asked Superintendent Estes how he would feel if lawmakers don't override the votes.

"Essentially, the ball is in Governor Bevin's court at that time, as to when he would call a special session to address the budget cycle that would begin July 1," said Estes. "He could do that or prolong that, I assume. Prolonging that in my mind hurts everyone."

Hancock County teachers plan to take school buses Friday to Frankfort. Estes said educators paid for mileage with their own money and some donations.

As for the kids, we're told there will be no makeup day required.

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