OZ Tyler Bourbon hitting shelves soon

OZ Tyler Bourbon hitting shelves soon
Courtesy: owensboro.org

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A big day for bourbon drinkers across Kentucky.

Fans got their first chance to buy a bottle of OZ Tyler Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.  It's unlike what was on the market for a couple years, which was made in South Carolina.

The new product is expected to hit the shelves to the rest of us in just a few days.

Thursday was full of tours, special ceremonies, and a few spirits.

Fans say it's exciting because what's available now was produced here on the property, including the aging and bottling process, as well.

Right now, the distillery is hand-bottling, but say they plan to switch over to machine production soon.

Those who attended Thursday were given a chance to buy a commemorative first production bottle.

"Bourbon is on top of the spirits world right now. We're also going to be joining the Kentucky bourbon trial this summer. Last year, the trail retrieved 1.2 million visitors, so we hope we can bring some of the visitors to Owensboro," Jacob Call, Master Distiller/Operations Manager said.

Their bottles will soon be sold across Kentucky.

The public was welcomed to join the celebration at 5:30 p.m.

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