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Hurricane Katrina's AL Damage Update

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Alabama faces a long recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

One emergency official says crews are struggling to cope with "trees on homes, trees on cars, trees on the roads." Floodwaters that swamped Mobile have receded, leaving downtown streets filled with sludge.

More than 700,000 homes and businesses don't have power. Schools are closed in several counties. Some people are returning to homes in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, but others have to wait because of downed power lines and flooding.

In Mobile, tree debris is stacked on curbs as police and volunteers direct traffic at intersections with dead traffic lights.

A man working with his neighbor to clear a tree off their street says he has a generator running his freezer. The neighbor added, "It was a hot one last night," without power to run air conditioning.

The governor and senators are flying over the coast Tuesday, to check out the damage.

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