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Heavy rainfall a threat for the Tri-State this week.

Potential Rainfall through Wednesday Potential Rainfall through Wednesday


A rainy week is in store for the Tri-State.  Several inches of rain may fall in the northern counties, which will cause a rise on the Little Wabash and White Rivers.  Flood advisories are in place there already:


Rain will move in on Monday evening with some pockets of locally heavy rainfall.  Thunder risk is very low at this point, but a few rumbles can't be ruled out:


The RPM model keeps the rain coming across Illinois and Indiana through early Tuesday morning:


The next salvo will line up along and north of Interstate 64 on Tuesday evening:


A real soaker sets up in the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, although rain should be moving out by the afternoon:


Total rainfall through Wednesday will be heaviest along the northern edge of the Tri-State, with lesser amounts along and south of the Ohio River:


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