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Ohio Co. man receives life-saving award for saving child in flood water


Last month, an Ohio County mother shared the chilling details of how her and her two young sons survived after driving through flood waters. One of her children was saved by a quick-thinking man who lived nearby.

That man was given two awards for his life-saving act.

Grant Parson was honored to receive the awards Thursday afternoon but told us he was surprised at the reaction and support of the community

Parson was given the civilian life-saving award by Sheriff Tracy Beatty as well as the life-saving award by the Hartford fire department.

He was able to save Kendra Embry's 4-year-old son when he took a boat out to him as the boy clung to trees in the rough current. Parson jumped into the water to save him.

Embry wasn't able to leave work to attend the event, but she told us she and the boys are recovering well.

"I'm just glad we live there you know?" he said. "Because it's so close because there ain't no telling what would have happened if we weren't there. It makes me feel pretty good, you know, saving a life, especially a kid's life, it makes you feel really good."

Parson was happy to be at the right place at the right time.

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