KY educators join another pension rally

KY educators join another pension rally
Henderson, Webster, and Union County Schools Superintendent's pose for a picture.

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Henderson, Webster, and Union County school superintendents joined dozens of other teachers outside of Henderson County High School on Wednesday to rally.

Kentucky lawmakers now have six days in Frankfort before this legislative session ends. As the wait continues, the tension is building, especially from the teachers themselves.

The proposed pension reform bill would cut some annual cost of living increases on teachers' pensions.

In a WVLC Campbellsville radio interview Wednesday morning, Governor Matt Bevin said teachers against the pension changes were "ignorant" and were "throwing a temper tantrum."

"I'm truly confused by people who are protesting the idea that should save the pension system," Governor Bevin said. "That to me is remarkably selfish and shortsighted. But, we're going to try and save people in spite of themselves."

"I think it's the adjectives that the Governor really needs to think about when he describes public school educators," Webster County Schools Superintendent Rachel Yarborough told the crowd during the rally.

Bevin's comments come as hope for the governor's pension plan diminish in Frankfort. The bill was sent back to a committee for more review last week, and it may not make it through the legislative process before the session ends soon.

"We should be paid more," said Union County Schools Superintendent Patricia Sheffer. "We deserve it. You deserve every penny you earn."

The version of the bill sent to the committee on Friday would make changes to put Kentucky on a course of paying off retirement system liabilities of more than $43 billion.

Bevin said in the radio interview, legislators need to pass the pension bill "whether the people want it or not."

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