CBD Oil bills in final session, one bill disguises firearm regulations

CBD Oil bills in final session, one bill disguises firearm regulations
Indiana lawmakers are debating CBD Oil bills, but only one has anything to do with the product. The other address firearm regulations (WFIE).

INDIANAPOLIS (WFIE) - A bill that would allow for the sale and use of cannabis-derived CBD oil across the state is on its way to Gov. Eric Holcomb's desk.

The measure was overwhelmingly approved Wednesday by both the House and Senate in the closing hours of this year's legislative session. Wednesday was the last day for Indiana lawmakers to pass, or kill, all the bills in this year's session.

At the Statehouse, there were two bills in session that list the product as the subject. One addressed its legality, the other actually addressed firearm regulations. It is sparking advocates from both sides of the gun debate to speak up before time runs out.

"My child and all the children in her school and in all schools should be able to play on the playground behind the parish, participate in a sporting event, or play in the chapel without concern that a parishioner or parent may be carrying a firearm," says Kristen Balan-Dibella with Moms Demand Action.

"You have no guarantee on anything. It's a guarantee that I will have a chance to fight back with something that will be equivalent that what probably is being aimed at me," says Barbara Manus with Women Armed & Ready.

These emotional statements are about a bill regarding Low THC Hemp Extract. You read that right, a gun debate over a bill to legalize CBD Oil.

Lawmakers changed the content so now it has nothing to do with the product. It is about firearm regulations that were shut down in a prior bill.

That is all part of the process at the Statehouse. It is allowed because there was another CBD Oil bill in session.

Representative Ryan Hatfield expressed his concerns for the bill.

"The CBD bill I hope that we will come to an agreement. I think it's important that we have a CBD bill that passes and goes to the governor. There are so many Hoosiers suffering from disease and illness who use and need CBD Oil that I think it's important we pass, and we should not let big government labeling requirements stand in the way of a good product," says Hatfield.

We are following the process and will bring you the latest as we learn more.

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