Henderson woman champions push for medical marijuana

Henderson woman champions push for medical marijuana

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - One local woman is pushing for a Kentucky House Bill that would make medicinal cannabis legal.

A group of pro-medicinal cannabis advocates went before the Henderson City Commission to ask for their support of Kentucky House Bill 166 which would give counties the opportunity to legalize medicinal marijuana on a county by county basis.

Grace Henderson is one of those advocates She may look like a normal, healthy 36-year-old on the surface, but underneath the skin, it's a different story.

"I have 17 chronic diagnoses," said Henderson. The most notable and impactful of these is Crohn's disease. She was diagnosed with Crohn's when she was 23 and has gone through just about every medicine you can think of.

"I've been on nine pharmaceuticals for my Crohn's disease alone and when one doesn't work you go on to the next one and on to the next one. It's a process of elimination basically," said Henderson. "How can we find the one that works best? So when none of them work, what are we supposed to do?"

The medicines are making an impact, just not helping the problem.

"You know we take the medicine so that it will help our symptoms, but some of the side effects completely override the symptoms," said Henderson.

"I was on mercaptopurine and I got acute pancreatitis from the medication. I was on Cimzia for six years and it has side effects of nervous system disorders and now I'm being seen at Vanderbilt for a nervous system disorder. I was on Stelara and it has side effects of melanoma. I was on Humira and it has side effects of lymphoma. I can't manage everything that I'm managing and cancer."

That's why Henderson and six others stepped up to ask for support.

"In legal states, medicinal cannabis states, their science shows that it can send Crohn's disease into remission, cannabis can send Crohn's disease into remission, it can cure cancer, it can end epileptic seizures in children that need it," said Henderson.

If House Bill 166 passes Kentucky would be the 31st state to legalize medicinal marijuana.

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