Vectren announces location for solar array

Vectren announces location for solar array
Solar farm. (Source: Vectren)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Vectren has announced the location where it will build its 50-megawatt solar array.

According to a press release Tuesday morning, the solar array will be built in Spencer Co.

During the past few months, Vectren has been working with Orion Renewable Power Resources, to select, secure and eventually develop the Troy, IN property.

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The solar array will be situated on approximately 300 acres and will consist of about 150,000 solar panels. The array will be mounted on a single-axis tracking system, which enables the panels to automatically pivot to enhance energy generation as the sun's rays move across the surface of the Earth.

The facility, which should be fully operational in the fall of 2020, is expected to generate enough power to meet the needs of more than 11,000 households per year.

Vectren says it has selected First Solar, Inc. to build the solar array.

Construction will begin after the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission authorizes the project; a decision is expected in the first half 2019.

The initial construction phase will require establishing a sub-station to interconnect with Vectren's power grid and will begin immediately upon regulatory approval. The construction of the solar array will begin in mid-late 2019.

During construction, the project will provide up to 250 jobs.

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