Petitions surfaces in Providence for alcohol sales

Petitions surfaces in Providence for alcohol sales

PROVIDENCE, KY (WFIE) - Some Webster County residents want to bring alcohol sales to the city of Providence.

A petition is circulating around several businesses in hopes of putting the measure to a vote on an upcoming ballot.

Broken up into four precincts, Providence is home to around 3,300 people.

"I don't want this town to be an empty lot. I wasn't born and raised here. But I'm a member of the community and I don't plan on going anywhere, so this is my town too," Michael Regan said.

Regan owns Kick Ash Vape. Inside his shop, plus a few others, people can find a petition pushing for local alcohol sales.

"I don't personally drink, I'll have a beer every now and then. I think if it will benefit the town as a whole, tax revenue, new businesses coming in, I'm all for it," Regan added.

Providence mayor Eddie Gouch told 14 News those heading up the petition showed up at the city council meeting Monday night, voicing their interest in the public appeals section.

"It's no benefit to me if goes wet or stays dry, I'm looking at the bigger picture," Regan described.

Gouch says the city would qualify for two package liquor stores. Convenience stores would likely be able to sell beer and possibly wine. And, don't forget about the food shops.

"I don't think we'll have free-standing bars. Personally, it would be nice to go down to the Mexican restaurant or possibly a new restaurant, if it comes in, and sit down and have a drink with dinner," Regan described.

If voted in favor, the measure could generate revenue for the city through taxes. But, a majority of the money would have to go to the police department.

Then, the city could invest the money currently used for law enforcement for other avenues.

"I think the people should take it to a vote and see what happens," Regan told 14 News.

A few residents told us today they currently drive about 20 minutes to Madisonville, in Hopkins County, to buy it.

Mayor Gouch also says it's unclear if the petition is pushing to get on the ballot in the May primary or November's general election.

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