KY House approves federal funding for parts of US 60

KY House approves federal funding for parts of US 60

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - After reporting federal funds fell through to raise part of Highway 60, plans have changed.

A part of US 60 in Daviess County was underwater a few days ago. But Judge-Executive Al Mattingly hopes that's the last time.

That's because the Kentucky House of Representatives passed a road plan Wednesday that includes federal funding for parts of US 60 to be raised.

Mattingly was disappointed last week when he found out that the federal funding would no longer cover this project, so he is cautious to get too excited about this recent approval.

"In the past, they had over programmed it by almost $1-billion. I guess it probably wasn't very realistic," Mattingly said. "This is a more realistic road plan, and we believe and look forward to the project going forward."

Mattingly says the fact that several communities and Kimberly Clark were inaccessible during the flood made this project even more necessary. The plan still has to pass the Senate.

"I'll breathe a sigh of relief the day I'm able to drive down a raised Highway 60 west into Stanley," Mattingly continued.

Mattingly says if all goes according to plan, construction could start later this year.

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