KY store owners work to reopen after flooding

KY store owners work to reopen after flooding
The owners of Cagey's General Store in Henderson County tell us they're still cleaning from the 2018 flooding in Beals, Kentucky.

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Water is finally starting to go down in the Henderson County town of Beals, Kentucky.

In the heart of the town, you'll find Cagey's General Store, where the owners are working overtime to get it back open.

"We're trying to get it open for them as quick as possible and for us as quick as possible," owner Dusty Billings told us. The Billings' store has been shut down for a week because the swelling of the Green River nearby. The waters flooded the basement and covered an inch of the store's main floor.

"This is nothing," said Billings. "This building has been through it all, she pointed to the store's wall of memorabilia over the decades. "1937 it was in it," she pointed to an old framed photo. "'45 was in it. '64 was in it, '97 was in it, but it didn't get this close in 2011," Billings said.

The store is everything to the Billings. Dusty and her husband, Spencer, have run the business for three years.

"We've been married going on 21 years, but almost three years ago, we married this [the store] because this is 24/7."

It's Billings' attitude that will catch you by surprise.

"I don't care about the water; the water does not bother me," she said with a laugh.

For someone who has spent all day cleaning for the past week, she is still cracking jokes. 

"I had somebody call my personal phone earlier and say, 'Are ya'll open yet?' I said 'No, hun, not yet. What can I do for you though?' 'Oh, well, I just wanted a cheeseburger," Billings laughed.

The Billings tell us they hope they can get officials from the food department to inspect Thursday so they can get up and running by the end of this week.

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