New numbers show widespread flooding in Henderson Co.

New numbers show widespread flooding in Henderson Co.

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - A massive clean-up effort is underway this week in the Tri-State, following widespread flooding.

The local state of emergency issued in Henderson on February 23 remains in effect. New numbers were released on Tuesday, showing just how many people were affected.

"It's been long, hard, wet," resident, Keri Gardner said.

As water goes down, a shift from response to recovery mode.

"Trying to really, and truly, figure out what to do next, where to start," Gardner explained.

We've learned 73 people were either rescued or evacuated during the flood. Water rose on more than 50 square miles throughout the county. That's nearly 33,000 acres.

"We probably had 800 people impact to one extent of the other," EMA Director, Larry Koerber said.

Emergency management estimates six inches of rain fell on the area.

As people return to their homes, emergency management warns of health concerns including mold or creepy critters.

"Including deer, coyotes, but snakes were the most uncomfortable," Koerber stated.

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