Active shooting training comes to Evansville, open to the public

Active shooting training comes to Evansville, open to the public

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Wednesday's shooting at a Florida school is the 18th shooting at a school just this year. That is according to Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit gun control advocacy group.

We are learning now that the Evansville Police Department is bringing an active shooter training to Evansville, and it is open to the public.

EPD is teaming up with the ALICE Training Institute to offer this course to the public. The two-day event is June 4-5 at the CK Newsome Center.

The course is designed to teach proactive survival strategies in a violent intruder situation. So, what you should do if you are in an active shooter situation?

Police say it is during those critical moments before law enforcement arrives that saves lives. They want you to be prepared and know your options.

The training will also teach you what to expect once law enforcement does arrive. It is open to workplaces, hospitals, non-profits, and others who could experience this kind of threat.

Police say they've been doing these active-shooter trainings within the department for years.

"Ever since Columbine, preparations for active shooters had been something that had been very prevalent in law enforcement. When it began, it was focused more on the schools and on law enforcement response, but it has evolved over the years. We've seen workplace violence around the country where it has become clear that individuals that are at work or at different facilities need to understand the dynamics of an active shooter," says Sgt. Jason Cullum with EPD.

Evansville Police Officers will be at this training to answer any of your questions.

The cost of the training is $595, and registration can be completed here.

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