Joshua Academy 2nd graders give back on Valentine's Day

Joshua Academy 2nd graders give back on Valentine's Day
Second graders from Joshua Academy serve desserts to patrons at First Ebenezer Baptist Church. (WFIE)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A group of students shared the love this Valentines Day and shared some food with those in need.

Second graders from Joshua Academy Charter School served desserts to patrons at the First Ebenezer Baptist Church off of Linwood Avenue Wednesday morning. The students also donated over 200 cans to the hot food center.

Most field trips start with the teacher's idea, but this one was the brainchild of the students. Hilary Hester, a second-grade teacher at Joshua Academy, said that the kids decided to spend Valentine's Day giving back to the community after they read a story about kids helping others during one of their classes.

"A couple weeks now they've been bringing canned goods and plastic bags to donate," said Hester. "The theme was 'Cans not Candy', so they wanted to bring in cans, not candy to the classroom and this is their Valentine Party."

The students served patrons at the Hot Food Center of Harvest Time Inner City Ministries deserts and collected canned goods to donate to the outreach ministry.

"They have really big hearts and their first thought is others," said Hester. "Just as we were coming in serving, I heard a couple of my boys talk about how their hearts felt warm. I thought that was very sweet, and it's very sincere."

It wasn't enough to volunteer their time, though. These students needed to pick the right day to complete their service.

"One of our kids spun the idea of let's do it for Valentine's Day, let's show love on Valentine's Day because they were talking about how it's not just boyfriends and girlfriends," said Hester. "It's about showing love to our community,"

Hester says the students aren't done helping the community. They've pitched for hosting clothing drives, toy drives, volunteering at an animal shelter, and even cleaning up a park.

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