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Henderson City Commissioners discuss filling important positions


The city will soon be filling two important positions this Summer.

Henderson City Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss filling the positions of police chief and city manager.

The current city manager retires on June 30. The police chief retired Nov. 30.

City officials say they will look internally to fill the position of police chief, but only after they hire the new city manager.

"I think right now things seem to be going pretty good with the internal police chief and as long as that's happening then we got a little leeway time that we can play with," explained City Commissioner Robert Pruitt. "But first we need to get that city manager hired because we want him to be part of this process because him and the police chief have to work hand in hand  together. If those two don't go together then we cant more forward."

City officials say they hope to have both positions filled this summer.

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