Berry Global considering $70M Evansville investment expansion

Berry Global considering $70M Evansville investment expansion
(Source: Berry Global)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Berry Global is considering a $70-million expansion of its plastic production at its headquarters in downtown Evansville.

To entice the company, the city has offered millions in tax benefits.

The city wants to make sure they're competitive ahead of Berry's decision. This move could bring in 150 jobs, paying an average of more than $20 an hour.

The proposed expansion includes adding new thermoforming lines and printers. Their downtown Evansville headquarters is one of many location options.

"They make a tremendous impact on the economics of our community and our region," Mayor Llyod Winnecke said.

"We want to be as competitive as possible and I believe they have about 130 locations worldwide and this is their main hub," City council member Jonathan Weaver said.

City leaders offered the company several million in tax benefits, including five years of property tax abatement, essentially cutting them a break on their taxes.

"We want to do what we can, in a fair way, that keeps them in here, makes them grow here, gives our people better jobs and benefits, so we are going to work with them to see what we can do," Weaver added.

The move would add 50 jobs every year for three years. Berry leaders tell us most are entry-level manufacturing jobs. But, also includes some maintenance, technical, and skilled positions. They would pay an average wage of about $21.50 an hour.

"(It) adds $6-million to their parole, which is $6-million where people are getting in the community by getting great jobs, where they're able to go out and spend money and buy things, and pay sales tax and maybe buy homes and pay property tax," Weaver explained.

"Those opportunities are hard to come by, and so we want to take every advantage we can to try to pursue that," Mayor Winnecke explained.

The city is set to confirm the tax package their next meeting.

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