Couples secret to 73-yrs of marriage: A lot of love, taking & giving

Couples secret to 73-yrs of marriage: A lot of love, taking & giving

WHITESVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Valentine's Day is on the horizon and you won't find a more loving couple than John and Mildred Boarman, better known as Bud and Minnie.

As you pull up to Bud and Minnie's home in Whitesville, you can tell there's a lot of love inside those doors. At the ages of 89 and 91 years old, they're the definition of couple goals.

"We were buddy-buddy for a long time before we were sweethearts," Bud said.

They were married Dec. 27, 1944 when they were both just teenagers.

"Well I can't say what it was, all I know is I wanted to be with him all the time," Minnie confessed.

"I know that I love Mildred more today, much more than I did the day I married her," Bud said.

They had 12 children by the time Minnie was 36.

"We just took them as God send them to us," Minnie said. "We were happy to see each one of them when they were born. When I got pregnant, we were happy about that then. It's what was meant for us."

While Minnie was at home with the kids, Bud worked two jobs. But he gives all the credit to his wife.

"If anybody asked who's head of the household, she's got to be," he said.

"I can't imagine how they did it," one of their daughters Delilah Higdon said. "I mean we always, always had food on the table. We never went hungry."

The couple feels lucky to celebrate the birth of their newest great grandchild, their 105th direct descendant.

They share their secret to a long marriage

"There's got to be a lot of love," Minnie shared. "And a lot of taking and giving."

But they've come to realize as they get older, they may not have much time left together.

"We both know this has to end sooner or later," Minnie said. "Life will never be the same when one of us is gone."

"For her sake, I wish she would go first," Bud said tearfully.

But for now, they count their blessings and are thankful for a life well lived.

"It's been a good one," Bud said "It's been a good life."

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