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Relatives who adopt foster child will receive payments after court ruling


A federal appeals court in Kentucky ruled that the state must pay relatives of foster children that are caring for them.

Before, when family members stepped up to care for their relatives after entering foster care, they wouldn't receive any payment like a regular foster family.

The average cost per child in foster care per day is $78 according to the state of Kentucky's website. While many family members would be willing to take in these children, sometimes the cost could be a deciding factor not to.

Rosemary Conder, Executive Director of CASA of Ohio Valley, says children do better when placed in homes with familiar faces. And this decision would help with the great need of foster families in the state.

"I really feel like this is a win win for the families, for the children in particular, and for the foster care system," explained Conder. "We have, in Kentucky over 8,000 children in foster care right now. So there's a tremendous need. There's not enough foster families."

Now these family members would only receive the state's funding after passing all the background checks. And if the family did decide to adopt the children, the funding would stop.

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