Special Report: Passing Problems

Special Report: Passing Problems

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Drivers are getting pulled over more and more in the Tri-State, but most of them have no idea why.

14 News took a ride with Indiana State Police and found out many people don't know about the "Left Lane Law."

In Indiana, it is illegal to hang out in the left lane, and in some states, you could be slapped with a pretty hefty fine.

Breaking the law could cost you $500 or more.

"When you just hang out in the left lane, even if you're driving the speed limit, the faster flow of traffic is slowing down, and they're starting to congregate behind you," said Sgt. Todd Ringle with Indiana State Police.

William Mayo has been driving semi trucks in the Mid-West for 35 years.

"Everybody's in a hurry to go do something," said Mayo.

Mayo has seen time and time again people breaking this law, putting others in dangerous situations.

"The main thing is stemming from people in cars driving with cellphones up to their ear while they're driving, distracted driving," said Mayo.

During our drive with Indiana State Police, we found several violators.

In Kentucky, the law requires drivers stay in the right lane on every highway where the speed limit is 65 miles per hour or higher, unless drivers are passing another car.

"Anyone who is in variance form of speed where say you're having to slow down, and then you're having to speed up and then switching lanes, that is inherently more dangerous than those that were actually speeding alone," said Trooper Cory King with Kentucky State Police.

Police say it's just as much for your safety as it is for those around you.

"There's no doubt that when people just hang out in the left lane, they are creating problems behind them," said Sgt. Ringle.

Last year ISP pulled over more than 1,000 drivers in our area for breaking this law. KSP pulled over more than 500.

"Now that driver who's wanting to go 5 over the speed limit, now has to fight and leap frog their way to the front making it dangerous for everyone involved," said Trooper King.

So before you think about turning on that left turn signal, ask yourself why you are in the left lane.

State Police say the best rule of thumb for getting in the left lane to turn is to do it within a half mile before your turn.

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