Trump administration proposes big changes for SNAP benefits

Trump administration proposes big changes for SNAP benefits

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - President Donald Trump announced plans to make major cuts to SNAP benefits on Monday during his budget request for 2019.

The president met with cabinets officials, governors, and mayors to discuss his new $1.5-trillion proposal to boost infrastructure projects all across America.

"The problem that the states have, local leaders have with funding the infrastructure is horrendous," said President Trump.

The plan isn't sitting well with local food bank officials.

Glen Roberts is the executive director of the Tri-State food bank. Roberts said, "The proposed changes would be absolutely devastating to the approximately 118,000 food insecure people we serve here at Tri-State Food Bank."

The proposal would take away a lot of healthy fresh options for snap recipients something that greatly concerns the food bank.

"For every meal that we provide as a feeding America food bank, snap provides 12 meals," said Roberts.

Cuts to the program would affect anyone who receives $90-dollars a month in SNAP benefits, giving half of their benefits in the form of a food box with only packaged foods and no fresh fruits and vegetables. The food bank says they would feel the immediate domino effect of this cut.

"Any cuts to this program would be devastating to us. we would not be able to meet the...and have the capacity to meet the demand," said Roberts.

The Trump administration said the move would be a cost-effective approach reducing the cost of the snap program by $129-billion over the next 10 years.

Both the House and Senate will hold hearings this week to examine the president's proposed budget request.

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