Indiana skier Nick Goepper speaks with our Ball State journalists

Indiana skier Nick Goepper speaks with our Ball State journalists

PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA (WFIE) - Ball State journalists are covering the Olympics in PyeongChang for 14 News.

They spoke with skier and Indiana native, Nick Goepper. Here is what he had to say.

"I've been spending a lot of time in the Olympic Village. You mentioned my family is here. They are here, and it's been great to see them. We reconvene every night at the PNG Family Olympic Home for dinner, which is a good place for everyone to come and hangout, relax and enjoy some company, and it's a much more relaxed atmosphere."

"A typical day is, I usually wake up, do my little morning workout routine, eat some breakfast. I usually try to fill the day up with something, like reading or working out, or going and seeing something, seeing my family, go skiing like I did today. I'm trying to exclude all idle time."

"The Ralph Lauren gear is amazing. It's pretty good looking. This Nike kit is looking pretty good too. I mean all of our Team USA gear is cool. We get to processing. We get bags and bags of stuff, just jackets and pants and shoes and everything that we will be able to keep for the rest of our lives, and just remember that time in Korea."

"I really love the culture and the people here. I had a good time in Sochi. I was young and not quite as well-traveled as I am now, but I'm just really stoked on the Koreans, on the accommodating people. I love this place."

"It's cold. It's cold. It's really cold. It wasn't this cold last time we were here. It was spring-like conditions, but it just feels like winter. There hasn't been much weather in the states lately, especially in the west, like Colorado and Utah. So coming here, going from humid to frigid cold is something I've adapted to."

First of all, it's always an immense pleasure to be up here and to compete and ski with all these individuals. We've all worked really hard to get here. I'm deeply in love with this sport and what it's done for my life, and I want to make sure we showcase it on the world's stage in the right light, and I'm really excited to do that. I had a bronze medal in Sochi, so I might be lying if I said I didn't have a chip on my shoulder and want to better that this time around. Being the only winter Olympic medalist from Indiana, representing the Midwest, I'd like to bring another medal back home to the Hoosiers."

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