Truck convoy gathers for boy killed in house fire

Truck convoy gathers for boy killed in house fire

SACRAMENTO, KY (WFIE) - A devastating Bremen house fire that took the life of 5-year-old Levi Case has drawn the attention of truckers across the nation.

Many family and friends say Levi loved semi-trucks and wanted to be a truck driver like his dad.

So, truck drivers around the nation are posting photos with #LightupforLevi to show their respects and support for Levi and his family.

On Saturday, local truck drivers formed a convoy of more than 30 semis driving past Levi's home in his memory.

"Lights for Levi. That's overwhelming. I wasn't aware of it until they told me yesterday that, Gina's had responses all the way from Australia with people lighting up their lights," said Troy Slinker, the Truck Convoy organizer. "People supporting Levi all the way in our little community here with 400 people."

Money raised from the convoy will go to Levi's family to help with funeral expenses and whatever else they may need during this time.

There are also Levi Strong t-shirts being sold. They can be ordered through Sunday night.

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