Indiana doctors face shortage of flu tests

Indiana doctors face shortage of flu tests

INDIANA (WFIE) - Doctors across Indiana are facing more issues as flu season continues to hold on by a thread.

At first, it was a Tamiflu shortage but now doctors are facing a new shortage of flu tests.

Several doctor's offices in Evansville say they are seeing a shortage of the kits. Though most doctors are able to diagnose the flu just by checking for symptoms, one doctor said it's better to be safe than sorry and do the flu test.

Dr. John Myers at St. Vincent Urgent Care said the time they need the kits the most is when it's not flu season because they aren't looking out for the symptoms as much. It's especially important this year as there's a new type of virus that can be misleading.

"According to the CDC there's another virus out now that mimics the flu virus," said Dr. Myers. "We're really good when the flu season Is here but when it's not flu season clinically were not that accurate."

It's also important to note that the flu test is only 50% to 70% accurate. But doctors say with both their knowledge and the test it helps them better identify the virus.

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