Downtown businesses preparing for OVC championship crowds

Downtown businesses preparing for OVC championship crowds

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - You can now buy your tickets for the Ohio Valley Conference postseason tournament. The games are coming to Evansville at the end of the month.

The tournament has been in Nashville for the past 15 years, so this move is a big deal for the conference.

It's expected to bring fans downtown for the championships.

Businesses in the area are already preparing for the influx of people.

"We definitely see an increase in sales; it's usually a significant amount," said Backstage Bar's Nikki Hale. "People are in a hurry; they get their drinks and food and are out the door. The tables just keep rotating. We see a triple if there's a concert or game; everyone is very generous."

We will be there covering the tournament and of course all of those preparations.

You can find out information about ticket sales here.

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