Ball State journalism students head to South Korea to cover Olympics

Ball State journalism students head to South Korea to cover Olympics

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - A couple of Olympic events start Thursday night, like team figure skating and freestyle skiing.

Opening ceremonies are Friday night on 14 WFIE.

Some of the people who will be taking care of our coverage during the games, are journalism students from Ball State.

Shaelie Clark caught up them last weekend as they prepared for their big trip to PyeongChang.

"It seems so real now that we are actually leaving, actually doing this," said Samantha Johnson. 
Samantha, a former 14 News intern,  is one of the Ball State students ready for this incredible learning experience.

"As a young journalist, it's insane the opportunities we are going to have there, but I also think cultural experience. I have personally never left the country, let alone been to the other side of the world," said Samantha. 
Samantha's dream is to be a sports journalist. Now she'll be covering the biggest sporting event in the world, reporting stories from South Korea for us back in the Tri-State.
Samantha, four classmates, and their professor will spend two weeks in PyeongChang, sending stories back to us each day.

"Getting to talk to athletes and getting access to the venues, to press conferences. We will be treated like normal media. So for a senior in college to have professional media access, it will be incredible"

Kara Beirnat is the sports editor for Ball State's student paper. When she's in South Korea, the stories she writes and records will be shared with us and with media outlets across the country.

"I'm getting emails from people asking if my stories can be featured in their papers. It's mindblowing," said Kara.

Samantha and Kara will share their experiences with us every day, giving us a look of the winter games we've never seen before.

"Anything from events, to team practices, to press conferences, culture stories, if we see Team USA fans in the crowd. It's almost a little bit of 'we will know what we are doing once we get there,'" said Samantha.

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